2012! the world might end, ooooor…

So, the world might end this year, oooor it might not, or it might be over tomorrow.  Either way, what do you have left?  Today.  You can’t think in terms of what you want to accomplish by the end of 2012, or the end of the world – you’re not guaranteed that, you’re not even guaranteed your next heartbeat.  Not only that, how many times have you set out to have a “great year, or great semester, or to be a better person by 2013!,” ?  It seems like the best thing we can do, is live life today, to the best of our ability.  I mean, if you we to live today in a way that would be in the direction of your goals, and then just did that everyday, by the end of the year you would be a different person, maybe the person you wanted to be, or maybe even the person God wants you to be.

We don’t have anything figured out, but God does.  He sees our plans for ourselves, and He can see just how well they might measure up to what He wants to accomplish in you and through you this year.  So if you are going to do anything today, anything of value, anything that you can be SURE will take you in the best direction possible – spend time with God.  Surrender to His purposes for your life.  Don’t let your ideas of success get in the way of your TRUE potential.  Live today the best way you can, for Jesus.

Check out Mark chapter 8 in The Bible for what Jesus thinks along these lines.


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