Two Great Series – AT THE SAME TIME!!

For the next month and a half or so we will have TWO amazing Series happening at the same time! – BOTH of which you CANNOT miss.

Wednesday Nights:

Every teenager’s life is loaded with undeniable evidence of God’s incredible plans for them, but who helps them unpack all those details to discover why they were born?  This series prepares and teaches students that God has three distinct calls on their life: the primary call of being transformed into Christ-likeness; the secondary call of thriving in their seasonal roles; and the “This I Must Do” call to be part of something that is larger than themselves.

This series will help students discover how they are wired and how they can cooperate with God to live the life they were meant to live. Thought-provoking lessons guide teenagers through relevant content, prior to students engaging with one another as conversation partners to explore God’s heart-pounding purpose for their lives.

Starting Wednesday, May 11th.

Come discover YOU!

Friday Nights:

True Love Waits introduces TLW 3.0!  It is all about a promise and a process toward a life of purity, heart, sould, mind, and strength – including sexual abstinence until marriage – but SO much more.  The path identifies a variety of life markers that one experiences from birth into young adulthood and takes advantage of these markers and treat them as teachable moments as they guide students toward a lifelong commitment to purity.

We will begin on Friday May 20th and have 4 straight weeks of material, culminating into an AWESOME commitment ceremony with Parents on Friday June 17th.

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