oh that glorious time of year…

Ah yes, here it is ladies and gentlemen – that sweet sweet time of year.  School is finishing, people are graduating, old notebooks are being burned in the streets like enemy flags, and the soothing arrival of not waking up to an alarm clock but instead to the early afternoon sun  –  all this can only mean one thing . . .  Summer Vacation!!

So what does that mean to you?  Family trips, food on the grill, late nights outside with friends, your hair smelling like chlorine, day trips to the beach, the fun of having no plans, eating cereal on the couch in your underwear at 1pm – we could go on.

But the number one thing this summer should be – No Regrets.  That’s right, NO REGRETS.  Now that doesn’t mean you do stupid things and just don’t care about it.  What it means is that you had the most fun you possibly could, you didn’t waste a day, you connected more than ever with friends and family, you made good choices you can look back on and be proud of – who knows, maybe with all this extra time you and God finally even grew a little.

The Loft wants to help you with that!

We know you are out of school and we are making this summer jam packed with fun and events.  We will have our Wednesday and Friday Nights just like always – but also throw in day trips, weekend service opportunities where God will use you, and even just lazy afternoon hangouts with whoever’s around : )

So be sure to keep on eye on our Calendar – don’t miss out on the fun – and do your Summer Vacation up the best you can with No Regrets.

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