Things are moving fast!

I don’t know about you but November and December seem to FLY by for me.  So many things happen one after another and the next thing you know it will be 2010!

So – don’t get caught up  in the busyness!

Its been more than 2 WEEKS since Youth Convention – how have you been doing since?  Have you faded?  Are you doing what God spoke to you there??  Keep going strong!!

Also – Thanksgiving is here!  Make sure you take time to really spend with God and think about how much He has blessed you life – it is SURE to challenge you to thank him and maybe even refocus a little.

AND – Christmas is soon and coming!  Let’s remember how awesome it is that God himself came to Earth and that now WE GET to have  relationship with Him!  Maybe we will even get a chance to tell some one else about it, or at least show them the love of Jesus this season!


SO – keep pressing on and DON’T get sick!

(that flu is the worst!)

: )

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